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Hello Friends,

Welcome to Part I of the Singer’s System.  

Okay...we are gonna get technical in this 2 part series, so bear with me.   

Contrary to popular belief, great singers work very hard at the technical side of singing; and so here’s the goal - to have CONTROL over your entire voice. You want to be sure that when you need to hit any note in your range, your voice will be there and you will feel in control. With a greater sense of vocal control, you have the freedom to let the spirit of your voice fly so you can reach across the globe to touch people everywhere.

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Wabi-Sabi Perfectionism

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared anything with all of you - and now I’m so glad to be back! For most of this year, I’ve had my head down, hand-to-keyboard busy crafting my 1st book titled, The Crazybrave Songwriter: A Spiritually Courageous Approach to Creative Songwriting.

The journey of writing a book has been like all creative journeys: a twisty road of exhilaration, stoplights, and at times, emotional confusion.

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Songwriting is Driven by Influence

Right now, it’s a Saturday afternoon and I am sitting in my office listening to Joe Sample’s album, “Carmel” (1979). 

Like the sea of long ago, sliding back to my early college days, I remember wishing I could play keys like Joe did. The music of Mr. Sample quiets my soul and makes me feel whole inside. I’m told he sat on the cliffs of Carmel, California and took in the wind and the sea as he wrote his music. 

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