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The 3 Most Powerful Things All Singers Should Know

1. Tension is the enemy.

I see it all the time – tension in the jaw, in the shoulders, neck and face. And I mean tension with a Capital T. I can tell right away when a singer is holding on to things or holding back from letting go. Not only is tension visible and obvious on the body but the vocal tone is the first to suffer. A tense sounding vocal is usually audibly “squished”, small and restrictive. 

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H.E.L.L.O Crazybravers (Yes, I’ve been listening to Adele’s album a lot – who hasn’t!?),

2015 was a developmental year for most of the great singers who came through my doors. Each of you fought to get a little better, to strive for new challenges, and to put your best foot forward. I love you for that and it’s been one of my on-going joys to help you accomplish all the musical things you want for yourself.

I am ready for a brilliant 2016, walking side-by-side with you on this artistic journey.  

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