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Dream. Create. Record.
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Dream . Create . Record

Our Mission

LOVE & LAUGHTER MUSIC GROUP is a full service, state-of-the-art music studio and a family owned business located in the heart of Orange County, CA.

We house three music businesses under one roof - LOVE & LAUGHTER MUSIC, VOICE & SOUND and a non-profit music organization called RYTMO serving youth ages 14-21. After 25 years in the music business, our core mission is to continue to create excellent music; provide a warm, fun, and creative working environment for our client; and educate artists on the new and ever-changing music industry.

the music we create

Known for our pop, soul, indie, and latin niche, check out some of the people we’ve worked with by clicking here LOVE & LAUGHTER MUSIC. LLMG specializes in high quality recordings, music production, songwriting in all genres, post-production services, and music publishing.

VOICE & SOUND and LIVINGCRAZYBRAVE provide technical vocal training, artist development, performance training, songwriting and e-courses.

RYTMO is a weekly non-profit organization working music classes and mentoring.

We also offer monthly studio memberships for artists and producers who need a place to work! Revolutionary!

We stand to be the only one-stop-shop of its kind in Southern California, with a mission to meet all your music needs.  We value great collaboration, diversity, and innovation at our studios and are very passionate about what we do.

It would be our great pleasure to work with you…give us a call anytime.



The Studio

our team


joey arreguin

L&L Founder / Producer / Educator


lisa M. arreguin

V&S Founder / Vocal Coach / Author


Shelly Edwards

Vocal Coach


orlando torres

Chief Audio Engineer



Audio Engineer


josh arreguin

Producer / Audio Engineer


karis arreguin

Studio Manager / Songwriter / Vocal Coach