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Artist Development

The Next Step for Artists


Let LISA AT Voice & Sound help you build a road to success. Whether you are a singer, budding songwriter or emerging recording artist, Voice & Sound is designed to support aspiring singers and musicians to discover, cultivate and emerge in an industry that will embrace them. these powerful sessions will help clarify your musical direction, cultivate your originality, design a brand that is in alignment with who you are and progressively launch the singer/musician into the real world of music.


artist development system


artist coaching

designed FOR the ADVANCED VOCALIST, artist or musician ready to attain personal goals and enhance the flow of creative expression in life.

Sessions include:

  • Artistic Development & Personal Accountability
  • Tools for Creative Timelines and Music Marketing
  • Self-esteem Building and Survival Skills
  • Performance & Recording Techniques
  • Navigating the Music Industry 

Two 60-minute sessions per month



songwriting & recording

for serious artists who are interested in developing songS for a specific project or completing a broadcast quality recording. Lisa works with artists ONE-ON-ONE during your recording or production session to get your songs and voice ready to lay down magic IN THE STUDIO.

sessions include:

  • Songwriting Guidance
  • Recording & Mixing
  • Vocal Producing

Music Marketing 710 is an artist branding service of Voice & Sound that helps artists create a promotional strategy and marketing plan for their music and career. 

Services include:

  • branding and identity
  • artist development
  • website creation
  • digital distribution
  • online visibility
  • crowdfunding support
  • photography, design
  • image development
  • social media campaigns
  • industry guidance and support

let's get to know each other. BECOME A V&S MEMBER.

Its easy to join the club. Try one session or become a Voice & Sound member for 6 months to 1 year. A consultation allows us to get to know you and for you to share your goals and talents. This will include time for you to sing, share any recordings, discuss musical ideas and what you are looking for. This consultation helps us uncover the next step in your creative process. 


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