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The Psychology of Nervousness

Hello Artists, 

Years ago, it was another Friday night out and someone challenged me to sing a song at Karaoke.  Despite my better nature, I got up there and chose a song that I was familiar with.  Then the nerves kicked in.  This wasn’t your garden-variety nerve reaction, but an earthquake of nerves that started in my right foot and cascaded embarrassingly up to my knee. While I read words from the screen and did my best to sing out the lyric, my leg started to shake. It shook so badly, in fact, that it felt like some foreign entity had taken over my body and I was helpless to stop the violent arching movements.  I’m sure my friends noticed, but were polite enough to keep this oddity to themselves once I got back to the table.

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Music, Money & Stuff

H.E.L.L.O Crazybravers (Yes, I’ve been listening to Adele’s album a lot – who hasn’t!?),

2015 was a developmental year for most of the great singers who came through my doors. Each of you fought to get a little better, to strive for new challenges, and to put your best foot forward. I love you for that and it’s been one of my on-going joys to help you accomplish all the musical things you want for yourself.

I am ready for a brilliant 2016, walking side-by-side with you on this artistic journey.  

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Wabi-Sabi Perfectionism

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared anything with all of you - and now I’m so glad to be back! For most of this year, I’ve had my head down, hand-to-keyboard busy crafting my 1st book titled, The Crazybrave Songwriter: A Spiritually Courageous Approach to Creative Songwriting.

The journey of writing a book has been like all creative journeys: a twisty road of exhilaration, stoplights, and at times, emotional confusion.

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Your Superhero Strength is Music

Hello Crazybravers: 
Today I was slotted to talk about the three voices of Barbra Streisand, Sam Smith and Ariana Grande, but my spirit had other ideas. 
I am gearing up for what feels like a life changing event.   A few weeks from now, I will be going under the surgeon’s knife to get a spankin’ new hip (left hip to be specific).  I call it my hip-hop surgery since I choose to keep it real by connecting all future difficulties to some musical reference – makes me feel better somehow.  I’ve given up the ghost, so to speak, made my peace with it all and am ready to walk, or even run, into a bright and productive 2018.  My hip is my new crown jewel, measuring the closing of one chapter of my life as I move into another.  I’ve been feeling the energy of new things coming for a while now, a mystery that only life can offer and the timing seems optimal.  


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Christmas Songs in March: A Lesson in Collaborative Songwriting

Hello Crazybravers,

Since we last spoke, a lot has happened.   In December, I came through my hip-hop surgery with flying colors, thanks to a great surgeon and an even greater husband and family who nursed me back to health.   At first I was on a walker, then graduated to using my pimp-stick (otherwise known as a cane) and am now walking nicely on my own – thank you very much.    I feel great and although I still need to take it easy, I am feeling (almost) back in full swing.

As if on cue, I was handed a blessing from God.   Back in October, Joey and I received an invitation asking us to attend a week-long songwriting retreat in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  The objective: to write traditional Christmas songs.  So, at the top of March, we packed our bags and said YES to the offer. 

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Lisa Arreguin Comment

Hello Crazybravers!

Welcome to Part II of The Singer’s System.

Last week we talked about the Horizontal Axis where we broke down 5 elements of the voice:

#1 Head Voice

#2 Upper Transition

#3 Middle Voice

#4 Lower Transition  

#5 Chest Voice 

This week let’s talk about the Vertical Axis of the Singer’s System. The Vertical Axis is where the fun stuff happens - style, uniqueness and where the singer has an opportunity to put some secret sauce on their chops. 

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