Love & Laughter Music Group
Dream. Create. Record.


Need a studio to call home?

Love & Laughter is the place for you If... 

  • you are an artist or band struggling with home gear

  • Would like a quiet and comfortable lock-out environment to write and develop songs

  • want to plug into an acoustically-controlled room with professional effects, plug-in’s and gear that will greatly ENHANCE your sound

  • find other music-makers to collaborate with

  • Need to track great drum sounds, warm vocals, or mix and master a project



studio memberships

monthly use of recording studio for writing, projects, productions, bands and more.

Our membership concept is simple

Love & Laughter Studio Memberships are designed to build a community of viable artists, producers, songwriters and musicians who need exclusive and unlimited month-to-month access to a state-of-the-art recording environment and support team, all at an affordable price. Memberships are for those who are ready to take their music to the next level, but don't necessarily have the high-cost budget to match. 

Most people think recording facilities are for the rich and famous, but the truth is that studios are essential for local and emerging talent, companies, global media creation and community awareness! There is power in numbers. For years, we kept hearing the same comments: “We want to make our music sound better, but quality studios are too expensive,” or “We have great songs, but don’t know industry professionals who can support us.”  Sound familiar?

We think it is time to radicalize the classic studio environment and open it up to a community that is ready to grow, develop their craft and record at the highest level possible. Our Memberships are catered to committed bands, artists, producers, engineers, musicians, ensembles, songwriters and vocalists who want to work consistently in a supportive, creative and collaborative environment. With our friendly production team available to help guide your session or maximize your creativity, along with the opportunity to immerse yourself into a community of like-minded individuals, there is no doubt you will have all the essentials to reach musical success. 

Here at Love & Laughter, you will discover how easy it is to DREAM, CREATE and RECORD. 


Ready to Join the Revolution? Let’s go!


Member Benefits

  • Affordable, unlimited access to Studio B at L&L Studios (scheduled in 4-hour blocks, based on first come first serve availability) as a creative space for recording, songwriting, arranging and music production

  • Studio B “native” system allows members to bring their own laptops, DAW’s (Digital Audio Workstation) and software or favorite plug-in’s. Members can seamlessly tie into our state of the art studio “eco-system”, with access to high-end microphones, pre-amps and much more...

  • Access to a professional support team of in-house songwriters, producers, engineers, music marketing experts and other resources useful for artist development

  • Access to specialized music classes & workshops

  • Opportunities to perform at L&L studio events and residencies at local venues

  • Access to submit your music to L&L Publishing for Film/TV licensing

  • Opportunity to interact and collaborate with other like-minded members. We strongly encourage collaboration!

  • Be a part of a safe environment where you are free to express, experiment and explore great musical ideas


Qualify for Membership

  1. Fill out the online survey and read/sign Terms of Agreement

  2. Provide requested payment and personal information

  3. Commit to a minimum 6-month membership or 1-year

Select Membership Type

  • Artist Membership: For Individual Artists, up to 2 guests per session

  • Collaborative Membership: For Producers and Collaborative Groups, up to 4 guests or 5 members total per session

Pay your Membership Fee

  • One-time Enrollment Fee: $100

  • Artist Membership Fee: $250/mo

  • Collaborative Membership Fee: $350/mo